• UriSed 3 PRO

    The  UriSed 3 PRO provides a uniquely advanced visualization and recognition of formed elements in urine sample using a special combination of bright-field and phase contrast microscopy by automating the gold standard method of sediment analysis.

  • LabUMat 2

     The LabUMat 2 is a high throughput, automated urine analyzer that can evaluate ten chemical and three physical parameters of urine samples. It improves diagnostic quality of urine test strip evaluation and also improves productivity of medical laboratories.

  • UriSed 2

     The UriSed 2 is a high throughput, automated urine sediment analyzer, which improves accuracy, reproducibility, safety, and productivity in laboratories by producing and evaluating whole field of view microscopic images of urine sediment.

  • UriSed mini

     NEW CATEGORY! UriSed Mini is a professional semi-automated urine microscopy analyzer producing whole field of view microscopic images of urine sediment and automatically classifying and counting urine sediment particles in the images.

  • LabUReader Plus 2

      The LabUReader Plus 2 semi-automated urine analyzer is designed to fulfill the requirements of medium size laboratories. This high throughput instrument features simple and reliable operation and provides maximum efficiency.

  • DocUReader 2 Pro

     The DocUReader 2 Pro is a compact size urine analyzer designed for physician’s offices and smaller laboratories. The lightweight instrument offers the broadest features and highest flexibility in its category. 

  • AutoSense & AutoSense Voice

     The AutoSense  auto-coding blood glucose monitoring systems offer easy and hygienic operation, accurate results and a broad range of user friendly features.




abaut as banner77 Elektronika Kft. is a Hungarian private company developing and manufacturing in vitro diagnostic medical devices, mainly urine analyzers, blood glucose meters and their consumables.

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