AutoSense & AutoSense Voice

Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems with Auto-coding Biosensor Technology



AutoSense & AutoSense Voice

  • Auto-coding Biosensor Technology
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Easy and hygienic operation 
  • Excellent accuracy and quick results (average 5 sec) 
  • Small blood sample (0.5 µl) and AST function for less pain 
  • Large memory capacity (last 500 test data) with averaging function 
  • Optional whole blood calibration or plasma equivalent calibration 
  • Optional talking function in AutoSense Voice
  • Broad range of user-friendly features
  • ISO 15197:2013 compatibility

The new AutoSense meter is designed for easy, accurate, and quick testing of blood glucose level. It does not require manual coding, which makes testing easier and faster and eliminates errors associated with miscoded meters. AutoSense also offers hygienic operation and the broadest, most user-friendly features available in a blood glucose meter.

The talking function of AutoSense Voice makes this meter very easy to use, even for those who are visually impaired. Clear and simple sentences spoken in a human voice lead users through the testing steps and allow them to hear the test results.

The AutoSense Test  provides an easy, accurate method for the determination of capillary whole blood glucose content. These blood glucose test strips were designed to be used with the AutoSense and AutoSence Voice blood glucose meters.

These are autocoding systems ensuring that the meter and the strips work together properly without manual coding of the meter. The code is assigned individually to each vial of strips and the meter automatically reads the code on the back of the strip after a strip is inserted into it. When inserting a new strip, always check if the code on the vial of strips matches the code displayed on the meter.

Accuracy and Precision: The performance of AutoSense Test strips has been evaluated in laboratory and in clinical tests. For further details please download the AutoSense Test user manual.

  AutoSense Test
  • Advanced auto-coding biosensor technology

  • Fast reaction, Small sample volume

  • Capillary blood sample absorption

  • Viewing window
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • 10, 25 or 50 strips in a vial

The AutoSense meter has an autocoding system to ensure that the meter and the strips work together properly. Thus, manual coding of the meter is not necessary. The insertion of the test strip will automatically switch the meter on.

Only a tiny drop of blood (0.5 μl) is needed for an accurate measurement, which makes testing virtually pain-free.

The results can be read on the large LCD display in just 5 seconds.

The AutoSense meter can display the results using 2 different units of measurement: mmol/l or mg/dl. One mmol/l is equivalent to approximately 18 mg/dl. The calibration of the meter is also optional: Both whole blood and plasma equivalent calibrations are available.

AutoSense is capable of storing the last 500 test results (including dates and times), and it can also calculate 7-, 14-, 30-, 60-, and 90-day average values. The calculated average includes all the test results from the selected period, except for those that have been marked.

To avoid blood contact, used strips can be discarded easily using the strip ejector button. This makes strip handling much simpler and more hygienic.

Premeal, postmeal, and sport activity flags can be set for each measurement result to make the measurement process more precise. Additionally, false or control measurement results can be marked such that they are not used for calculating average glucose levels.

Using the LiteLink mini USB device, the stored data can be downloaded to a PC via the infrared (IR) interface of the meter. Downloaded data can be tracked using the Diatransfer 2 diabetes management software.

The alternate site blood sampling function can be used when blood samples are collected from sites other than the fingertips (palms, forearms, and upper arms) to ensure less pain during collection.

Three daily alarms can be set by the user to serve as testing reminders.

This feature is available in AutoSense Voice. When the talking function of AutoSense Voice is enabled, important instructions and values displayed on the screen are vocalized. This is a great help for people who may have problems reading the characters displayed on the screen. Thus, the potential for misuse or misreading due to poor sight can be reduced significantly.


AutoSense Set
  • AutoSense Blood Glucose Meter with battery

  • Adjustable lancing device with disposable lancets

  • Check-strip

  • Instructions for use

  • Quick Reference Guide

  • Carrying Case

AutoSense / (AutoSense Voice)


advanced auto-coding biosensor technology


min. 0.5 µl capillary whole blood

Operating range:

temperature: 10 - 40 °C
relative humidity: <90%
altitude: below 3000 m
hematocrit: 30-55%

Measuring range:

20 – 600 mg/dl (1.1-33.3 mmol/l)

Average test time:

5 seconds

Memory capacity:

last 500 test data with time and date

Talking function:

in AutoSense Voice

Automatic switch on:

upon insertion of test strip

Automatic power off:

in 2 minutes after the last button activation

Warning and error signals:

out of measuring range (Low / High),
hypoglycemia, insufficient sample detection,
low / high temperature, low battery

Alarm function:

daily 3 alarms


1 pc. 3V, type: CR2032 /
(2 pcs. 3V, type: CR2032)

Battery life:

1 year or 1500 measurements /
(1 year or 1000 measurements)




Infrared port to LiteLink Data Download Device


55x100x21 mm


60 g / (90 g)