Fully automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer



Efficiency and convenience in
urine analysis

  • Fast and reliable
  • Automated test tube handling and test strip dipping
  • User friendly software;
    easy operation via color touch screen
  • Flexible, customized testing and reporting options
  • Unidirectional / bidirectional interface
    with host computer / LIS
  • Automated QC analysis and self-check
  • Software and language upgrades via USB stick


The LabUMat is an automated desktop instrument designed for high volume urine test strip reading. LabUMat improves the efficiency of medical laboratories and makes urine analysis simple.

The operator inserts a vial of LabStrip U11 Plus test strips into the strip holder tray and puts the racks with test-tubes containing urine samples on the rack mover unit. All the rest is done by the instrument automatically. Strips and test tubes are moved and a strip is dipped into each test-tube. After, the strip is illuminated by white light, and the light reflected from the strip is detected by a colour CCD sensor. Digitalized image is processed by built-in program: based on reflected light-wave information, the final result is calculated. The results together with the actual date, time and patient ID are stored in the memory of LabUMat, which is large enough to store 10000 records. Stored results can be studied on LCD display, sent to a host PC or Laboratory Information System, or can be printed out by external printer.


LabUMat & UriSed
The LabUMat urine strip reader is a stand-alone instrument, which can be connected to the UriSed microscopic urine sediment analyzer. Together, the two instruments make up a
Complete Urine Laboratory System.     


Evaluated parameters:


Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketones, Ascorbic acid, Glucose, Protein, Blood, pH, Nitrite, Leucocytes, Specific gravity via LabStrip U11 Plus test strips




reflectance photometer with CCD image sensor




250 tests/hour


Batch size:


100 test tubes


Min. sample volume:


6.0 ml


Memory capacity:


10.000 results




800x600 TFT




645 x 600 x 605 mm (LxDxH)




51 kg




100-250V AC / 50-60 Hz


Power consumption:


max 200 W




USB, RS232 serial port, PS2, VGA




optional, external


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