LabUMat 2


Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer


LabUMat 2

Improving diagnostic quality
and productivity

  • Fully automated measurement process; 240 tests/hour throughput

  • Advanced, patented detection technique for test strip evaluation and
    Physical Measurement Cell (PMC unit) for physical parameters

  • No liquid detergents or calibrators

  • Loading of up to 100 samples possible; internal test strip container for 150 test strips

  • Sample dosage by pipetting unit; only 2 mL sample is required in test tube 

  • User friendly and flexible software; easy operation via a big color touch screen

  • Automated QC analysis and maintenance procedures

  • Integration to laboratory or hospital information systems possible


The LabUMat 2 is a high throughput, automated urine chemistry analyzer that can evaluate 10 chemical parameters of LabStrip U11 Plus GL test strips and three physical parameters of urine samples.

In addition to preserving all of the attractive features of its predecessor, the newest LabUMat has been significantly improved for even better performance. Like the previous model, LabUMat 2 is a high-quality and reliable instrument that meets the requirements of modern, automated laboratories and provides walk-away operation. Easy operation via touch screen, automatic handling of test strips and test tubes (including sample mixing and precise dosing for each test pad by the pipetting unit), a patented detection technique, and intelligent data management provide maximum efficiency while making urinalysis simple.

The LabUMat 2 urine analyzer is for professional use to improve diagnostic quality of urine test strip evaluation by increasing accuracy and security  and to improve productivity by eliminating time-consuming manual methods. The analyzer also helps in test data handling and report generation by providing data storage and computerized data processing features for medical laboratories


Dupl szemb kemcsvel monitor PRO-290x98
The LabUMat urine strip reader is a stand-alone instrument, which can be connected to the UriSed 3 PRO microscopic urine sediment analyzer. Together, the two instruments make up a Complete Urine Laboratory System.


Fast and reliable instrument providing walk-away operation

Easy operation via a big color touch screen

Cost-effective operation without liquid detergents or calibrators

Excellent accuracy by patented measuring technology

User friendly software; advanced result management

Streamlined documentation through LIS and worklist handling

Flexible, customized testing and reporting options

Automated test strip and sample handling
Closed strip container with user friendly strip loading and unloading and increased on-board stability
Low sample volume; min. volume is checked by sample level sensor
Precise sample dosage on test strip pads by pipetting unit
Unique pipette washing technology: no carry over
Automated QC analysis and maintenance procedures
Software and language upgrades via USB stick

Evaluated parameters:

Bilirubin, Urobilinogen, Ketones, Ascorbic acid, Glucose, Protein, Blood, pH, Nitrite, Leucocytes, via LabStrip U11 Plus GL test strips;


Specific gravity, color, turbidity via the PMC unit




Reflectance photometry (wavelengths: 505, 530, 620, 660 nm) and transmission photometry




240 tests/hour


Batch size:


100 test tubes


Min. sample volume:


2.0 mL (checked by sample level sensor)


Memory capacity:


10.000 results




800 x 600 TFT




Built-in thermal printer


Barcode reader:


Built-in barcode reader




600 x 650 x 635 mm (W x D x H)




55 kg




100-250V AC / 50-60 Hz


Power consumption:


200 W maximum




USB, RS232 serial port, PS2, VGA


Download LabUMat 2 & UriSed 3 PRO product leaflet
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