LabUReader Plus

 Semi-automated Urine Analyzer


LabUReader Plus

High throughput and accurate results

  • Benchtop design
  • Numeric keypad
  • Four-row LCD display
  • Menu driven operation
  • Up to 500 tests/hour throughput
  • Memory: last 1000 results
  • Internal thermo printer
  • RS232 serial interface to host PC / LIS
  • PS/2 interface for barcode reader


The LabUReader Plus Semi-automated Urine Analyzer is an ideal choice for medium size laboratories. Also, it can be used as a backup instrument in laboratories using fully automated systems. As this analyzer enables the operator to place LabStrip U11 Plus test strips on the conveyor belt continuously, LabUReader Plus is the fastest member of the urine analyzer family manufactured by 77 Elektronika.

The CCD image processing and sophisticated evaluation software of LabUReader Plus guarantee accurate results every time.




reflectance photometer with CCD image sensor




500 tests/hour


Memory capacity:


last 1000 results




4 x 24 character LCD




16-button numeric pad




internal thermo printer




480 x 305 x 190 mm




10 kg


External adapter:


7.5V DC / 3 A




RS232 serial interface to host PC / LIS
PS/2 interface to barcode reader / external keyboard


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