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The new AutoSense meter is designed for easy, accurate, and quick testing of blood glucose level.

It does not require manual coding, which makes testing easier and faster and eliminates errors associated with miscoded meters. AutoSense also offers hygienic operation and the broadest, most user-friendly features available in a blood glucose meter.




  • Advanced biosensor technology
  • Like its predecessor the SensoCard
  • Rapid test results (5 sec)
  • Small sample volume - virtually pain free
  • Recording events (meal, insulin)
  • Meal and Physical activity markers and special flags
  • Measurement diary
  • Estimated HbA1c range
  • Estimated hypoglycemia events




  • AutoSense Plus Blood Glucose Meter with battery
  • Adjustable lancing device
  • Disposable, microbiologically sterile lancets (8 pcs)
  • Quick reference guide
  • Instructions for use
  • Check-strip
  • microUSB cable for PC connection

Type: Advanced auto-coding biosensor technology
Sample: 0.5 µl capillary whole blood
Operating range: temperature: 10 – 40 °C
relative humidiy: 10 – 90%
altitude: below 3000 m
hematocrit: 30-55 HCT
Storage range: Temperature: - 20 – (+) 50 °C
Humidity: 10 – 90%
Measuring range: 1.1 – 33.3 mmol / 20 – 600 mg / dl
Average test time: 5 seconds
Memory capacity: 720 test data with date and time
Switch-off: Automatically after max. 90 seconds
Warning and error signals: Out of measuring range (Low / High);
damaged strip; hypoglycemia; insucient
sample detection; electronic error;
insucient temperature; low battery; etc
Alarm function: Up to 4 alarm times can be set daily
Batteries: 2 pcs. 3V batteries, type: CR2032
Battery life: 1000 measurements or 1 year
Display: LCD
Interfaces: microUSB B interface
Dimensions: 100 x 58 x 20 mm
Weight: ~ 71 g (with batteries)

  • D68-9301-1_AutoSense Plus_leaflet

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