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Wireless Data Download Device


All blood glucose meters manufactured by 77 Elektronika Ltd. have data download option: using the LiteLink device glucose profile stored in blood glucose meter can be downloaded to a local PC. LiteLink is an optical interface between the PC and the blood glucose meter, which has to be plugged in a USB slot of the PC. After, results can be downloaded to the Diatransfer program through the IR interface of the meters.

Diatransfer 2 is a diabetes data management software which is supplied together with LiteLink device.


Diatransfer 2 program was developed on the one hand for diabetic patients and on the other hand for doctors using the blood glucose meters of 77 Elektronika. This system helps patients suffering diabetes and doctors in reviewing the results of the measurements through different statistics, diagrams and charts. In that way it provides important information about the health status of the patients and helps doctors in finding out the right treatment

Compatible BGMs: AutoSense & AutoSense Voice
SensoLite Nova & Sensolite Nova Plus
SensoCard & SensoCard Plus
Interface: USB
Size: 60x25x13 mm
Weight: 10 g
Reception distance: 5 - 50 cm
Reception angle: +/- 30°

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