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LabStrip U12 mALB/CREA

The LabStrip U12 mALB/CREA urine test strip is a high-grade in vitro diagnostic medical device for professional laboratory use.

They contain 12 parameters completed with MICROALBUMIN and CREATININE. The test strips were specifically designed for professional, laboratory use and it is intended to be used with LabUMat 2 automated urine chemistry analyzer.

The LabStrip U12 mALB/CREA test strips can be used as a preliminary screening test for diabetes, liver diseases, haemolytic diseases, urogenital and kidney disorders and metabolic abnormalities.


Each test strip has 12 measuring zones that contain sensitive reagents.


The color of the test field changes as the result of a chemical reaction after urine contact. This coloration can be detected by 77 Elektronika's automated urine chemistry analyzer the LabUMat 2.


  • Rapid determination of 12 parameters in urine
  • Specifically designed for professional use with LabUMat 2
  • Completed with MICROALBUMIN and CREATININE pads
  • Suitable for measuring albumin-to-creatinine and protein-to-creatinine ratio
  • Packed in hand-sized aluminium tubes closed with a desiccant cap
  • 150 strips/vial
  • Shelf life: 18 months


  • LabStrip U12 mALB/CREA_User Manual

  • LabStrip U12 mALB/CREA_MSDS

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