UriSed Cascade

The ideal solution for high-throughput laboratories.


The UriSed Cascade configuration is a fully automated urinalysis system for hospitals and laboratories processing up to 200 urine samples per hour, providing reliable, quick urine chemistry and urine sediment results. This configuration is a physically connected system consisting of two automated urine sediment analysers and one automated urine chemistry analyser with data connection. It is capable of distributing the samples optimally between the two urine sediment analysers, thereby providing higher throughput than a LabUMat 2 – UriSed 3 PRO system.

For more information about the standalone analyzers please visit LabUMat 2 and UriSed 3 PRO pages.


In centralized laboratories around the world, the need for higher throughput for daily analysis has increased drastically in the past few years. The UriSed Cascade was designed to support this demand. The configuration creates a physical and data link connection between the chemistry analyzer and the two sediment analyzers, providing a market leading throughput of up to 200 tests /hour. The UriSed Cascade provides optimized sample distribution between the three instruments and offers barcode based assignment of sediment and chemical results to each sample. 77 Elektronika’s aim with this design was to support its partners to adapt to new market trends, therefore an existing connected system can be extended into a UriSed Cascade configuration. The operation is based on the patented UriSed Technology.


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